We offer a variety of hearing services.

Hearing Clinic Services

The hearing clinic is an extension of Center For Sight’s commitment to delivering advanced care to improve our patients’ lives. Center For Sight developed the hearing program in response to a request from our patients, who desired hearing services from someone they already know and trust.

Hearing & Hearing Aid Services

  • Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations: We offer a full range of hearing examinations, including otoscopy (visually examining the complete ear for medical problems or earwax blockage) and an audiogram (air conduction testing, bone conduction testing, and speech testing). This gives us a complete understanding of your hearing system.

  • Hearing Loss and Tinnitus Counseling: If our examination reveals that you have hearing loss, we can counsel you on your treatment options and help you make a plan to move forward. Dr. Banks is trained in tinnitus management and can address those needs through counseling and sound therapy management options.
Woman wearing hearing aids
  • Speech Mapping: Speech mapping is a necessary way to verify the fitting of your hearing aids to ensure that your devices are accurately programmed for your individual hearing needs. With these real ear measurements (REM), small microphones placed in the ear canal are used to measure how you are able to hear speech through your hearing aids. This guides the audiologist in making the necessary adjustments to assure optimal amplification.

  • Hearing Aid Fitting and Hearing Aid After-Care: We understand that hearing aids are not “one-size-fits-all” and we have an outstanding track record of matching our patients with the hearing devices that best suit their individual needs and preferences. Every patient that gets fit with hearing aids at Center For Sight receives a thorough explanation of how to use and care for their devices, and we are available every step of the way through the hearing aid process.

Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus is often associated with some level of hearing loss, whether it’s affecting your speech understanding and communication or not. We check the hearing of every patient who reports experiencing tinnitus.

If we recommend hearing aids for hearing loss, there are some sound therapy options within hearing aids to make tinnitus less bothersome. Outside of hearing aids, there are also sound therapy treatments and coping strategies that can improve your quality of life.

Man wearing headphones with Tinnitus

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